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Transmission repairs that won't break the bank

If you're having issues with your transmission, bring it to us! We can offer low, reasonable prices on our transmission repairs because of the volume we see, and because we're a family-owned and operated company. We stand behind the diagnosis and repairs we make.

Is your transmission to blame?

Does your vehicle feel like it's in neutral - even when you're at a dead stop - then jerks into gear? Is it missing or skipping gears? Has it slipped into gear while you're driving? Are you hearing whining, clunking, humming, or buzzing noises?  


These things are indicators that there may be an issue with your transmission. Our ASE certified technicians will use our 40 years' experience to diagnose the issue.

We can remedy your transmission issues

  • Fluid changes

  • Flushes

  • Minor repairs

  • Overhauls

  • Rebuilds

  • Manual or automatic

We can usually provide you with a quote over the phone - without having to disassemble your transmission!

Call us today to learn more about our transmission services.


So if you're hearing strange noises from the front of your car, or if they sound like they're coming from below your feet, bring your car to us! Whether it's a transmission issue or something else, we can help.

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